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  • Founded Date January 1, 2007
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Company Description

She is bold, yet reserved. She is modern, yet wears India’s kaleidoscopic traditions with panache. She exuberates the spirit of youth, yet wears the grace of wisdom with class. She is Osaa.
A mélange of rich embroideries, appliques, impeccable weaving, brilliant printing and dyeing, Osaa by Adarsh is a story of India’s rich textile traditions replicated to form wedding couture. Adarsh Makharia saw the endless opportunities to engage the diverse artisans and designs and, with Osaa, weaved together a celebration of India’s heritage with a twist of contemporary and elegant pieces. The label, which has its own Flagship stores in Kolkata and Delhi, also available in various multi-designer stores, can be described as reformed couture with a strong sense of color and storytelling that compliments every bride.
Osaa is an emotion. The inspiration behind each piece can comes from a feeling, a photograph, people or even from a melody. A mélange of creativity, instinct and reason, the label stands for sophisticated elegance, where subtle embroidery is paired with easy flowy silhouettes and fabrics. Although wedding couture is traditional, the abstract design elements in every piece of Osaa plays with organza, tissue, mulberry and matka silk, adding drama to every outfit.
Osaa is crafted for a woman who values her Indian roots and cherishes her heritage; is modern in her thought process and who has an individual style of her own. Someone who seeks versatility, functionality, and yet glamour in her wedding ensembles. The Osaa woman is not defined by where she lives, how many numbers are next to her age, or her profession. She is confident, rebellious, funny, elegant, glamorous, and vibrant. She is you. Wear a statement, wear a story. Wear Osaa by Adarsh.