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Company Description

Kazi Food Industries Limited is a recent venture of the Kazi Farms Group. Located in Beron, Ashulia, KFIL produces and sells premium dairy ice cream with minimum 10% milk fat (as per international standard) under the brand name Bellissimo.


Another line of ice creams and ice lollies is produced and sold under the brand name ZaNZee.


A range of frozen food products are sold under the brand name Kazi Farms Kitchen. These are all guaranteed to not contain any antibiotic residues, as chickens are not fed any antibiotics within 7 days of slaughter, as per international practice. The meat is also guaranteed to be produced
from chickens raised on feed not containing MBM (meat and bone meal) as per European standards. The meat products are also guaranteed to be MSG
and nitrate-free, as we do not use any of these chemicals during food preparation.